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Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion, with its 1.8 billion adherents making up approximately one quarter of the world’s population. The growth of the Muslim population, including migration patterns, and differing interpretations of the faith, has brought Islam to the forefront of the political debate in many countries. Despite the presence of Muslims around the world, awareness of the religion and the culture remains largely unknown to the communities and societies they now call home.

Hailing from different countries, speaking different languages, and with unique customs and histories, Muslims are united in their beliefs and practices. Yet, despite the rich diversity of Islam’s adherents, singular narratives around the faith and the culture have dominated the public consciousness, and much more needs to be done to foster intercultural engagement and create opportunities for a more informed world.

The proliferation of online media has provided new avenues for those propagating extreme views of Muslims and Islam, helping the spread of misinformation and obscuring voices espousing tolerance. Sowing division and perpetuating negative stereotypes, these campaigns have led to the marginalization and exclusion of Muslims from social, political, and civic life.

Amidst a new rise in xenophobic violence and discrimination, there remain few platforms that facilitate open discussions about religion, culture and identity. The absence of prominent Muslim voices from the global stage further underscores the need to develop avenues for peace and understanding.

The Islam and Muslims Initiative (IMI) aims to be an international platform that connects Muslims and non-Muslims in the realms of religion, politics, business, media, academia and civil society, giving amplification to essential conversations and serving as a catalyst for positive action.

The aims

The platform

The Islam and Muslims Initiative will work with a number of partners to develop digital, print and live content to promote the aims of the platform. The content will include infographics, videos, public discussions, conferences, and publications.



Islamophobia is a growing problem that has intensified in recent years. Muslims often face discrimination and prejudice due to fear and misinformation, resulting in a climate of fear and division. There have been ongoing efforts to promote understanding and tolerance, however, did these efforts finally bear fruit? Or are we still closer to where we started?

Join us on the 16th with a host of Academic thinkers and renowned Al Jazeera journalists to explore the magnitude of Islam’s influence globally, institutionalised Islamophobia and whether Islam remains a misunderstood religion.

16 March 2023 | 15:30 - 17:30
National Museum of Qatar, Darwish Al Far Theater